Thunder Beach 3d.jpg
Thunder Beach 3d.jpg



A desperate, late-night phone call. 
A girl in trouble. 
A man with a guilt-haunted heart. 
Lightning flashes out over the Gulf. Thunder rolls down Panama City Beach. 

Thousands of bikers have descended on the Miracle Strip for one of America’s premiere biker rallies, but a storm is blowing in, its relentless approach pitiless, menacing. 

Amid the bikes and beer and bikinis, crimes of unspeakable brutality are being committed—one of which touches too close to home for former reporter Merrick McKnight. 

Now, chasing down a vicious killer like the elusive lead of a once-in-a-career type exclusive, Merrick is living the story of his life—and that’s just what it might cost him. 

Take a nocturnal tour of Panama City like only a local can give.

Experience the endless party, collect the clues, listen to the lies, search for the truth. 

Between crashes of thunder, a killer strikes, and a young woman’s life hangs in the balance. Merrick will do anything he can to save her, but will that be enough?

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