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Every great character has a past.

Few are as entertaining, as thrilling, or as tragic as that of ex-cop turned prison chaplain John Jordan.

When he was twelve years old he came face to face with the man who would be convicted of the Atlanta Child Murders.

Six years later, John returned to Atlanta determined to discover who was truly responsible for all the slaughtered innocents.

But first he must ascertain whether or not LaMarcus Williams belongs on the infamous list of missing and murdered children.

The questions in the case are many, the answers few.

Who Killed LaMarcus Williams? How was he abducted from his own backyard while his mom and sister watched him? Is he a victim of the Atlanta Child Murderer that didn’t make the list or is his killer still out there, still operating with impunity?

Experience the events that shaped one of the most unique characters in all of crime fiction.

Accompany John during his first spiritual awakenings, his first battles with alcoholism, his first forays and fallings into love, and his very first murder investigation.

Get answers and gain insight into the investigator, the minister, the man.

See how John Jordan took his first faltering steps toward becoming the man he is today.

Every great character has a past, but it’s not often you’re allowed to witness it the way you will John Jordan’s in the portrait of a detective as a young man that is Innocent Blood.

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New Interview with WGN’s Steve and Johnnie

Merrick McKnight is Back!

in the Thrilling Sequel to THUNDER BEACH


Someone is killing cops with their own guns.

On their way to finding out who and why, Merrick McKnight and Reggie Summers discover there’s no justice quite like small town-justice and sometimes the best you can hope for is a certain kind of retribution.

For his twentieth anniversary as a novelist, Michael Lister is doing something he’s never done before––setting a novel in his hometown.

And not just any novel. A Merrick McKnight novel that introduces Reggie Summers. A mystery. A thriller. A love story

Merrick McKnight and Michael Lister share many things––chief among them the same small North Florida town of Wewahitchka. Wewa to locals.

Wewahitchka, which means “water eyes,” because of the two nearly perfectly round lakes in the center of town, is a wild, untamed region—backwoods, dirt roads, untouched, unspoiled, in some ways unwelcoming. This brutally beautiful place is home to the legendary Dead Lakes, world famous Tupelo honey, and now "A Certain Retribution."

In keeping with the novel’s twenty-year theme, it opens with these words: I see her for the first time in over twenty years the night before she’ll be arrested.

Reggie meets Merrick and a thrilling adventure begins.

Mystery. Romance. Suspense. All in a small town.

Welcome to Wewa. 

Find out Soldier and Lauren’s fate in the thrilling conclusion to Michael Lister’s landmark “Big” noir trilogy.

perf5.500x8.500.inddTHE BIG HELLO

by Michael Lister

Walk the mean streets of wartime Panama City with Jimmy “Soldier” Riley, a wounded, woman-haunted knight errant in Michael Lister’s resonant new noir series Publisher’s Weekly calls “a promising private detective series set in 1940s Florida,” and Library Journal says “peppered with snappy dialog, this hard-boiled mystery by award winner Lister is a swell read.”

“Michael Lister has the world of Florida Panhandle noir all to himself. Tough, violent, and hard-boiled, This novel of obsession and suspense will remind you of Raymond Chandler, Graham Greene, and why you started reading crime novels in the first place.” John Dufresne

“Michael Lister successfully brings back the hard-boiled 1940′s P.I. with his Jimmy ‘Soldier’ Riley series. Soldier has heart, the dialogue is relentlessly hard-boiled, and the local is steamy and original. Lister knows how to mix it all together with the steady hand of a solid pro.” Robert Randisi

“Tight, taut, terrific PI noir with a classic and fully-realized 1940s setting. Michael Lister is one of those rare, gifted writers who can immerse you with his first sentence. The “Soldier” series is a treasure—don’t miss it!” Kelli Stanley

“Michael Lister delivers the goods like Tyson in his prime, hard, fast and beautiful kind of brutal.” Gary Phillips

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Burnt OfferingsFree Book

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Burnt OfferingsBurnt Offerings

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Wow! Check Out The STELLER Reviews BURNT OFFERINGS Is Receiving

"I truly believe Michael Lister is one of the finest and most intelligent writers amongst us today. His novel "Double Exposure" was truly one of the best books I've ever read. A work of poetry. However, his true brilliance is in his ability to adapt and change from book to book. Burnt Offerings is another example of him stretching his wings. This one touches on religion, the Holocaust, true love, overcoming your fears, fanaticism and all hidden within a real page turning crime novel. I really liked The Big Goodbye, however this may be his best work since Double Exposure and is not to be missed. If your looking for a wonderful new author to discover, Listers your man. He won't disappoint.” Rod Weithop

"Burnt Offerings is vintage Michael Lister . . . poetic prose, exquisitely set scenes, characters who are damaged and faulty. Not since Thomas Harris wrote about a guy named Hannibal have I enjoyed a villain so much. It's the best of the Lister novels I've read." Ed Irvin, The Florida Book Review "Lister tells a multilayered story about an FDLE agent who teams up with an expert in ritual crimes to stop a murderer who uses fire as his weapon. Grisly and gripping, the novel should appeal to crime-fiction fans of many stripes, especially readers of Florida-themed fiction." Booklist

"A psychopath, who burns people alive as part of a twisted sacrificial rite, terrorizes north Florida in Lister's suspenseful serial killer thriller, Burnt Offerings. The murderer's motive is not typical, and the leads are strong enough to warrant a series." Publisher's Weekly

“If you like crime writing with depth, suspense, and sterling prose, you should be reading Michael Lister. BUNRT OFFERINGS is a compelling blend of fascinating forensics, sinister twists, full-blooded characters, and beautiful writing. Beneath it all is a core that offers far more than thrills—a meditation on faith, psychology, and the human struggle.” Michael Koryta

The scratch of a single match—spark, heat, chemical reaction, fire being born—and an intense thriller begins.

Terror reigns over the North Florida National Forest, the coastal town of Bayshore, and the barrier island of Pine Key—a fiery terror whose flame threatens to consume the whole world.

An exacting and methodical killer whose weapon is fire is working on his masterpiece, and only a wounded and scarred FDLE agent and a retired ritual crimes expert hiding from the world in a cabin in the woods have any hope of stopping him.

Rich and textured, yet fast-paced and pulse-pounding, BURNT OFFERINGS will leave you breathless right up until its heart-stopping conclusion.

"Deep, edgy, and smart, BURNT OFFERINGS is a searing page-turner. With evocative prose, sharp procedural detail, and break-neck pacing, Michael Lister takes his readers on a journey into the darkest reaches of Florida -- and into the human heart. Don't miss this stellar outing from a truly fine writer." Lisa Unger, New York Times bestselling author of DIE FOR YOU.



The Big GoodbyeThe Big Goodbye

"Lister's Hard-Edged Prose Ranks With The Best Of Contemporary Noir Fiction."*

Walk The Mean Streets Of Wartime Panama City With Jimmy "Soldier" Riley, A Wounded, Woman-Haunted Knight Errant In Michael Lister's Resonant New Series.

"Stylish, retro, and highly entertaining. Michael Lister's PI Jimmy "Soldier" Riley is a compelling new noir hero." Jason Starr

"A seductive mix of sudden violence and raw emotion, Michael Lister's THE BIG GOODBYE is a much-welcome contribution to the hardboiled, P.I. tradition. Cool stuff." Victor Gischler

"1940s Panama City, Florida . . . tough and violent with snappy dialogue and great atmosphere, beautiful women with hidden agendas, and a long lost world that we mostly know through ancient postcards and faded photographs. Get ready for a suspenseful, romantic and historic ride." Ace Atkins


*The Big Goodbye Receives A Starred Review In Publisher's Weekly

Lister (The Body and the Blood) kicks off a promising private detective series set in 1940s Florida with a tantalizing opening line--"I had not yet recovered from shooting Stanley Somerset when I saw her"--and rapidly establishes the intriguing persona of narrator Jimmy Riley. Riley, who lost an arm while on the police force, now works as a PI partnered with a former Pinkerton agent. Obsessed with ex-lover Lauren Lewis, he's taken aback when she re-enters his life. Lewis, whose husband is running for mayor of Panama City, appears at his office to ask whether Riley is the person who's been tailing her. While she believes his denial, she declines his offer to help. Unsurprisingly, Riley decides to look into the matter anyway, and soon finds himself squarely in the crosshairs of the police when bodies start piling up. Lister's hard-edged prose ranks with the best of contemporary noir fiction.

The Big Goodbye Trailer

Double Exposure Award Winning NovelMichael Lister’s Award-Winning Novel,
DOUBLE EXPOSURE, Headed For Big Screen

In association with The Garden, Bruce Dawson, Jason Hreno, and Amy Moore-Benson are excited to announce their option of the exclusive film rights to MICHAEL LISTER's explosive novel DOUBLE EXPOSURE.

Published in September 2009 by Tyrus Books, DOUBLE EXPOSURE is the story of a wildlife photographer who, after unwittingly capturing a murder with his camera traps deep in the swamp of North Florida’s Apalachicola River Basin, must fight and find his way out of the woods with the evidence while being pursued by a dangerous sociopath and his pack of soulless killers.

The novel immediately grabbed the attention of readers and reviewers alike, being described as “A Hitchcockian thriller and spellbinding page-turner” by Booklist, and praised for its “Lyrical, evocative prose, reminiscent of Cormac McCarthy‘s 'The Road” by the Panama City News Herald.

The thrilling story has also being championed by bestselling author, Michael Connelly (THE LINCOLN LAWYER), who said, “With elegiac prose, insightful characterization and a wonderfully ingenious plot, Michael Lister has squeezed every ounce of terror and thrills out of a dark night in the woods.”

The novel won a prestigious Florida Book Award in 2010, and was produced as a stage play by Jason Hedden with Gulf Coast Community College.

The author, who Ellerry Queen Magazine called “one of the most individual and talented newer writers on the crime-fiction scene, with vivid style, ready wit, and a marriage of plot and theme,” grew up in North Florida near the Gulf of Mexico and the Apalachicola River, in a town world famous for tupelo honey.

Truly a regional writer, Lister’s canvas is North Florida’s small towns (THUNDER BEACH), river swamps (DOUBLE EXPOSURE), massive state prisons (THE BODY AND THE BLOOD). In the early 90s, Lister became the youngest chaplain within the Florida Department of Corrections, where he served until he began writing full-time in 2000.

Lister will co-write the script based on his novel with Jason Hreno, who will also direct.

Hreno is a trilingual (English, French and Spanish) Canadian writer-director, who following the international acclaim of his short film WANDERING EYES, began to direct commercials and music videos, and later emerged as a prolific cable feature director. As well as being attached to direct several features, he also has a series in development with The Nightingale Company.

The deal was arranged by Amy Moore-Benson, of AMB Literary Management, a former editor and elite literary agent and manager, who is also serving as the film’s co-producer.

The dark, pulse-pounding, art house thriller aims to go into production in the fall 2011.


Blood of the LambJohn Jordan Comes To Kindle, Nook, And IPad

Pulpwood Press is pleased to announce the release of Michael Lister’s first 3 John Jordan mysteries in eBook formats. POWER IN THE BLOOD, BLOOD OF THE LAMB, and FLESH AND BLOOD are now all available in the most popular eBooks formats (including The Kindle, The Nook, The iPad and others) for just $2.99 each.


The Body and the BloodTHE BODY AND THE BLOOD Receives Starred Review

“A starred review indicates a book of outstanding quality.”
Publishers Weekly The Body and the Blood: A John Jordan Mystery

Michael Lister, Five Star, $25.95 (330p) ISBN 978-1-59414-893-4

In Lister's superior fourth book featuring cop-turned-prison chaplain John Jordan (after 2006's story collection Flesh and Blood), recovering alcoholic Jordan, who's begun to reconcile with his estranged wife, Susan, meets Susan's father, Tom Daniels, who's inspector general of the Florida Department of Corrections and a fellow recovering alcoholic, at Potter Correctional Institute, where a prisoner charged with raping Daniels's wife is incarcerated. When inmate Justin Menge, a key witness against the accused rapist, is stabbed to death, both Jordan and Daniels can attest that no one entered or left Menge's locked cell, making howdunit crucial to determining whodunit. Moreover, Menge's death came shortly after his sister, Paula, visited him and learned that he was claiming to have been the victim of a frame. Suspects range from inmates and prison staff to Paula, who was her brother's heir.

A plausible resolution concludes this first-rate locked-room mystery.


Double ExposureDOUBLE EXPOSURE Wins Florida Book Award

North Florida Author Michael Lister’s “Double Exposure” won a Bronze Medal for General Fiction in the 2009 Florida Book Awards.

The Florida Book Awards –the nation’s most comprehensive state book awards program– was established in 2006 to recognize, honor, and celebrate the best Florida literature published the previous year.

In his introduction to “Double Exposure,” #1 New York Times Besteslling Author, Michael Connelly, calls the book “Elegiac, like a two-hundred page poem, with words that skip on the waters of the imagination like well-polished stones.”