THE BIG BEYOND paperback

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THE BIG BEYOND paperback


Love mystery, romance, suspense, film noir, and the classic hard-boiled detectives of the 1940s?

Then you’ll love Michael Lister's THE BIG BEYOND and other Jimmy "Soldier" Riley Noir Novels.

The Thrilling Sequel to THE BIG GOODBYE . . .

˃˃˃ THE BIG BEYOND, a Jimmy "Soldier" Riley Noir Novel from multi-award-winning and bestselling author Michael Lister

“Lister’s hard-edged prose ranks with the best of contemporary noir fiction.” Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review

Walk the mean streets of wartime Panama City with Jimmy “Soldier” Riley, a wounded, woman-haunted knight errant in Michael Lister’s resonant new noir series Publisher’s Weekly calls “a promising private detective series set in 1940s Florida,” and Library Journal says “peppered with snappy dialog, this hard-boiled mystery by award winner Lister is a swell read.”

“Michael Lister has the world of Florida Panhandle noir all to himself. Tough, violent, and hard-boiled, This novel of obsession and suspense will remind you of Raymond Chandler, Graham Greene, and why you started reading crime novels in the first place.” John Dufresne

Someone's trying to kill PI Jimmy “Soldier” Riley. And he's inclined to let them. But before sleeping the big sleep and journeying to the undiscovered country to discover what dreams may come, there’s blood work to be done.

Picking up right at the thrilling conclusion of "The Big Goodbye," "The Big Beyond" finds Soldier near death with one hell of a big score to settle and more than a few injustices to square along the way—all while searching wartime Panama City for a dangerous serial killer who combines art and murder.

What really happened to Soldier and Lauren the night they left town? Did they survive? Will their love? What comes after saying the big goodbye? Is there anything out there in the big beyond?

Stylish, retro, and highly entertaining, Michael Lister's "The Big Beyond" continues the romantic, mysterious, adventures of one of the most interesting and compelling classic hard-boiled detectives to come along in a very, very long time.

˃˃˃“Michael Lister delivers the goods like Tyson in his prime, hard, fast and beautiful kind of brutal.” Gary Phillips


If you love mystery, romance, and suspense served up hard-boiled, don't miss Michael Lister's THE BIG BEYOND.

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