Remington James Novels

Following his dad's death, Remington James returns to the small North Florida town where he grew up to assume his father's life -- taking care of his dying mother and running the local gun and pawn shop.


Double Exposure

Picking up a camera again after a long hiatus, Remington returns to his first love, pursuing in earnest his lifelong dream of becoming a wildlife photographer.

One fateful fall evening, as the sun sinks and the darkness expands, Remington ventures deep into the river swamp to try out some new equipment and check his camera traps.

Encountering the kind of wildlife that made him want to be a photographer in the first place, Remington gets some of the best shots of his life, but he's about to happen upon the most dangerous animal of all -- a feral, patient, sociopath who wants Remington dead.

While checking his camera traps, scanning the eerie images of overexposed deer and bats and foxes, Remington comes across the most haunting images of his life --- the frame-by-frame capture of a shocking crime.


Separation Anxiety

Sixteen-year-old Shelby Emma Summers has disappeared on a late-August day from her famous artist mom’s lodge on the banks of the Apalachicola River, just outside the small town of Tupelo.

Out in the Gulf, a savage hurricane projected to make landfall in the Panhandle intensifies and expands.

Has Shelby been abducted or is she merely skipping school? Is she with her boyfriend, Julian, and if she is, does that make her more or less safe?