How to Read Your Ebook:


The mobi file is designed for Kindle readers or Kindle apps. There are three ways to read kindle/mobi files:


1. The kindle/mobi files can be read on almost any device (pc, phone, ipad) by using the free kindle apps. 

 (A mobi file can't be opened directly on your pc. You must use an app or move it to your kindle)


2. To read on your kindle, you can move the file from your computer to your kindle. To do this, plug the kindle into the computer via the USB connection in the kindle's power cord. The kindle should appear as a separate drive.

 Open the drive and you'll see the kindle's folders. Slide the mobi book file into the folder labeled "books" or "content" (different models have different labels).

 Eject the kindle from your computer, unplug, and the book will be there on your home page.


3. Or you can download the file to your computer and then use the free "Send to Kindle" app.

 This app will send files directly to your Kindle without you plugging your Kindle into the computer. For users with a Kindle Fire, this is the best way.



 The epub file can be read by many apps on your computer, phone, or tablet as well as by Nook and Kobo ereaders:


To transfer from a computer to your eReader device using Adobe Digital Editions:

1.  Download Adobe Digitial Editions (ADE) -- which allows you to easily install any Epub on most eReaders.

2.  After installing ADE, open the program and connect your eReader to the computer via USB.

3.  Locate your downloaded Epub file in ADE and move it to your connected device. (Note: A small number of eReaders may not work with ADE, so you will have to use that eReader's software to transfer your eBook file)


To transfer from a computer to your eReader device via direct copy:

1.  Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. Your eReader now appear either in My Computer (for Windows) or on your Desktop (for OSX).

2.   Copy your downloaded Epub file to your device by putting it in the correct directory:

                             For the Nook, locate your Nook's "My Documents" folder.

                             For the Kobo, locate your Kobo's "Digital Editions" folder.

                             For Sony Readers, locate your Sony Reader's "Books" folder.