Books by Michael Lister

(in series order)



The John Jordan Mystery Series

POWER IN THE BLOOD  a John Jordan Mystery #1

Was it murder, accident, or suicide? John Jordan, a cop in a clerical collar haunted by his past, must find out.


BLOOD OF THE LAMB  a John Jordan Mystery #2

John investigates the murder of the seven year-old adopted daughter of ex-con turned televangelist, Bobby Earl Caldwell, a murder committed in John’s own locked office when Bobby Earl conducts a service in the Potter Correctional Institution chapel.

FLESH AND BLOOD  John Jordan Mysteries #3

In this diverse collection of cases, John investigates the Shroud of Turin, a pregnant virgin, a daring prison break, a Hurricane Katrina orphan who might just be the Second Coming, a desperate woman who sleeps with one too many men, a bloody body on the rec yard, a mystery that turns on a single observation, and a murder in which John himself is the prime suspect—all this as he deals with depression and battles alcoholism.


THE BODY AND THE BLOOD  a John Jordan Mystery #4

John Jordan witnesses the most baffling crime of his career—a seemingly impossible murder in a locked prison cell he would swear could not have happened had he not seen it with his own eyes.


BLOOD SACRIFICE  a John Jordan Mystery #5

Exorcism or Murder? John Jordan goes to a secluded retreat center and encounters one of the most bewildering and haunting cases of his career—the suspicious death of a young woman undergoing an exorcism.


RIVERS TO BLOOD  a John Jordan Mystery #6

John must deal with an escaped inmate, a shocking lynching, a harrowing river rescue, and a shocking sadist forcing his victims violate themselves. 


INNOCENT BLOOD   a John Jordan Mystery #7

A stunning first case. A mentor he’ll never forget: Harry Bosch. John Jordan’s first case is also his most heartbreaking. And one that will haunt him for the rest of his life! When John Jordan was twelve years old, he came face-to-face with the man who went to prison for the Atlanta Child Murders. Six years later, John returns to Atlanta to discover the truth. 


BLOOD MONEY  a John Jordan Mystery #8

The body of a young woman propped against a prison fence. A series of suicides with a unique calling card. A stolen body. A young man fighting for his life. A single mother who has lost her only child. Perplexing puzzles and people in need are John Jordan’s specialties. 

BLOOD MOON  a John Jordan Mystery #9

A daring escape. A race against time. Locked in with a vicious, relentless killer. Can John save the life of the woman he loves? The stakes have never been higher. Success seems impossible. Failure unimaginable. Behold what happens beneath the Blood Moon!


BLOOD CRIES  a John Jordan Mystery #10

A young John Jordan continues his investigation into the Atlanta Child Murders, interviews Wayne Williams, investigates the disappearance of Cedric Porter, and uncovers a series of murders with devastating consequences.


BLOOD OATH  a John Jordan Mystery #11

John Jordan is once again carrying a gun and a badge—and he’s going to need them. Balancing family life with being a cop and a prison chaplain takes grit and grace—and John has plenty of both. Working two cases that may or may not be connected, John is investigating the disappearance of a young army ranger home on leave and one of the most sadistic serial killers he’s ever encountered.


(Jimmy “Soldier” Riley Novels)

In a Spider’s Web (short story)

The Big Goodbye

The Big Beyond

The Big Hello

The Big Bout

The Big Blast

Cataclysmos -- a post-apocalyptic thriller series)

Cataclysmos Book 1

Cataclysmos Book 2

(Merrick McKnight / Reggie Summers Novels)

Thunder Beach

A Certain Retribution

Blood Oath

Remington James Novels

Double Exposure

Separation Anxiety  

(Sam Michaels / Daniel Davis Novels)

Burnt Offerings

Separation Anxiety

Blood Oath


(Love Stories)

Carrie’s Gift


(Short Story Collections)

North Florida Noir

Florida Heat Wave

Delta Blues

Another Quiet Night in Desparation


(The Meaning Series)

Finding the Way Again

Meaning Every Moment

The Meaning of Life in Movies