Lister Launches Blood for Blood Club

New York Times Bestselling Mystery Author Launches the Blood for Blood Club

            New York Times Bestselling and award-winning mystery author Michael Lister has just launched the Blood for Blood Club—an outreach project that donates one of his John Jordan “Blood” books to anyone anywhere in the world willing to donate blood.

            “The worldwide need for blood is tremendous,” Lister said. “Every single second of every day, people around the world need blood transfusions to survive. And that need is growing by the second.”

            That’s where the Blood for Blood Club comes in. Blood for Blood encourage readers to donate blood all around the world by giving great books to those who give.

            “I absolutely love the scope of this,” Lister said. “Anyone in the world can participate in this worthy project. And it’s absolutely free.”

The Blood for Blood Club will give one of the books in Lister’s popular and acclaimed John Jordan Mystery series to anyone who donates blood anywhere in the world every time they donate life-saving blood.

“There are no strings,” Lister said. “You give Blood. I give you a Blood Book. It’s that simple. Giving blood is literally giving life. We can make a real, tangible difference in the world right now with this program and that’s something that absolutely thrills me.”

After donors give blood, they simply go to www.BloodforBlood.Club and claim their free book. In addition to their free book, donors will also be entered into a monthly drawing for a free Blood for Blood T-shirt and a signed hardcover of a Michael Lister book.

            When asked why he’s doing this Lister responded, “There’s such a huge need and this feels like the perfect intersection between my novels and my desire to give back in some small way in an attempt to make the world a slightly better place.”

            At there’s a world map made of white dots. Every time someone gives blood and receives a Blood Book the white dot from their part of the world will be turned red—beginning with a book signing blood drive Lister is doing in Panama City, Florida at the Bay County Library on May 25, 2017. From that single drop of blood the map will continue to be painted with blood until the entire map is red and readers in every part of the world have donated blood and received one of Lister’s Blood Books.

            The Blood for Blood Club is open now and will have its official kickoff at a book signing blood drive at the Bay County Library in Panama City, Florida on Thursday, May 25, 2017 from 12:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. For this first event Lister is partnering with OneBlood, a Florida based not-for-profit blood bank. The event will be streamed live on Lister’s Facebook page. For more information go to

Posted on April 25, 2017 .