A Certain Retribution


A Certain Retribution



Merrick McKnight is back . . . in the thrilling sequel to THUNDER BEACH!
"Lister’s ability to prevent even a seasoned mystery aficionado from figuring out the end of this simple yet puzzling situation sets this book apart from mediocre novels that inundate the genre. His work will attract lovers of the Agatha Christie tradition and capture an open-minded crowd looking for a contemporary twist. Crafted to near perfection with an underlying, definitive reason behind the murders, this riveting intrigue explores every possible avenue to no avail then turns down a less-traveled road and delivers a shock." Foreword Magazine Reviews
Someone is killing cops with their own guns.

On their way to finding out who and why, Merrick McKnight and Reggie Summers discover there's no justice quite like small town-justice and sometimes the best you can hope for is a certain kind of retribution.
For his twentieth anniversary as a novelist, Michael Lister is doing something he's never done before--setting a novel in his hometown. And not just any novel. A Merrick McKnight novel that introduces Reggie Summers. A mystery. A thriller. A love story. Merrick McKnight and Michael Lister share many things--chief among them the same small North Florida town of Wewahitchka. Wewa to locals.

In keeping with the novel's twenty-year theme, it opens with these words: I see her for the first time in over twenty years the night before she'll be arrested.

Reggie meets Merrick and a thrilling adventure begins.

Mystery. Romance. Suspense. All in a small town.

Welcome to Wewa.

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